Can I compete to be Mr. Providence Eagle?

Yes, the set requirement is that you identify as gay male and live in New England.

Is it scary to compete?

Yes, it is scary to compete. You will be forced to face your fears and you will be filled with self doubt. But the self reflection will help you on your journey as a leatherman and you will be a stronger person from it. We, as the Owner and Producers will do everything we can to make the process easier.

What if I do win?

Well, you will be in for a life changing experience. Title years are a time when you will make connections that will last your lifetime and be able to make meaningful changes in our lives and in your community.

What is expected of me if I am Mr. Providence Eagle?

There are mandatory requirements associated with your title and can be found in Contest Overview and we are here to support and help you be successful.

Is it hard being a Titleholder?

It is not the easiest, but rarely anything that is easy is rewarding. Don’t forget you have a committed support staff backing you!

Why should I compete for Mr. Providence Eagle?

Why not? It is a great place to meet people and make positive changes within your community. Win or lose it can be life changing.

What if I don't win?

Take the feedback from the judges sheets and as the old saying goes …”if at first you don’t succeed……try, try again.” We are always here to assist you in your journey.

If I become Mr. Providence Eagle then what?

We guarantee that we will be there to help, support, encourage and make sure your title year is a success. We want you to succeed!! It is good for you and us.

Why do we need a Mr. Providence Eagle?

Contests tend to develop future leadership within the community and having Titleholders who are out in the community make it more likely the the club continues to be a gathering space for us.

Is this contest all about being ``beautiful?``

This contest scoring is more about the substance of the individual.

Will people laugh at me for competing?

You can always say “at least I got up there, did you?”

Is it rewarding?

Absolutely!, the possibility of making lasting changes for yourself and your community.

Will being Mr. Providence Eagle be fun?

In my experience as a Titleholder….. YES… the Titleholders who seem to be the most successful strike a balance between having fun and doing the “work” it takes to make change.